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All Ages

New Hours @ Eastern Branch! Now Open 7 Days!


Eastern Branch Now Open 7 Days a Week!


Cookbook review: Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook

    I made a pretty basic mistake with Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook--I started looking it over right around lunchtime. By the time my coworker got back from his lunch break, I was seriously wanting to gnaw the book. It looks that good.

100 new scientific discoveries from Time Books

    Jurassic Park is becoming more and more possible, as scientists around the world work on bringing back extinct creatures.  This is just one example of the fascinating ideas in the new 100 new scientific discoveries.

Noted Science Fiction Author Anne McCaffrey Dead at age 85.

There’s a huge hole in the Sci/fi Universe because Anne McCaffrey died on Monday, Nov. 21 2011 of a massive stroke at her home in Ireland (Dragonhold-Underhill.)  She wrote over 100 books, including thirteen series, but was most famous for the Dragons of Pern. 

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