All Ages

All Ages

The hottest creature in the country—the cat!

No, we don’t mean that the cat needs an ice bath nor that it is the latest model on the catwalk. We mean that, among pet owners, cats are now the most popular, having finally lapped dogs in the race for America’s affections: there are officially more cats than dogs in American homes. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are 81.7 million cats and only 72 million dogs. However, there are more dog owners than cat owners—surely a testimony to the cat lovers’ desire for more than one feline!

Henrietta's Knitting Group

Henrietta's Knitting Group meets every Wednesday at 1:00 PM.  We all have different interests and skill levels, but all share the same love for yarn.  My personal goal is to finally knit myself a sweater that fits! We all have a number of projects in the works, some for family members, and some for charities. Eveyone is welcome, so bring your current project and join us for a fun filled hour...or just bring yourself and we'll teach you how to knit! 

New Years Resolutions

Many of us make new years resolutions.  The idea is to change some things ourselves, or about their lives. Things like:
  • Loose weight
  • Get in shape
  • Eat healthier
  • Exercise more
  • Learn how to use the computer

Many people break those resolutions by February.
Somewhere I heard that in order for something to become a habit you have to repeat it 21 times.  
So theoretically if we do some thing everyday for 3 weeks, it will be come a habit and become much easier to continue.

Holiday Traditions

This time of year, from the end of November through early January is a time loaded with tradition. In my family we celebrate Christmas, other families celebrate, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and some don’t “celebrate” holidays. Religious connotations aside many of us have family traditions that we practice year after year. That’s what a tradition is, customs, practices, rituals that we repeat over and over.

Jane Austen Fans Unite!

Check out the new Jane Austen Book Club!  It's Everything Austen!  We'll be discussing her books, movies and websites.  Join us at the first meeting Nov. 7th at 6:00 pm.  If you can't make it, email Jane at and let me know what day and time works for you.  Pre-teens to grands are welcome.  The only requirement is that you love Jane's work.  It will be great fun!


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