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NEW!! Book Discussion Kit Titles 2013

NEW Book Discussion Kit Titles 2013

The new currently available titles:

Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

Tessa's book review: Written in Red: a novel of the Others by Anne Bishop

All the elements for a great read come together in Anne Bishop's new book Written in Red. Meg has found shelter from the cold in the unlikeliest place. Humans don't belong among any of the Others. Not the shifters, not even the Crows, not the vampires, not any of the Others. But here she is, with a job and everything.Jacket cover

Tessa's Local Interest Book Review: Noble Savages by Napoleon A. Chagnon

While flipping through Noble savages: my life among two dangerous tribes--the Yanomamo and the anthropologists, I discovered that there were a lot of pages that dealt with New Tribes Mission missionaries.  For those unfamiliar with Jackson, one of the two campuses for New Tribes Institute is here in Jackson. Many people may be interested in what these missionaries' lives are like, and this book can really bring them to life.

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Computer Class - How do I Turn This Darned thing On? at Carnegie

05/07/2013 6:00 pm
05/07/2013 8:00 pm

How do I turn this Darned Thing On?

Geared for adults with limited experience using computers, this class will cover basic components of computers. Use and operation of the mouse, (right click, left click, double click) introduction to saving and retrieving documents.

Class Size is limited.  Pre-registration is required Register by calling 517-788-4099 ext 1303

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