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Science fiction, er Speculative fiction?

Anybody out there reading science fiction?  How about speculative fiction?  (In case you’re wondering, they’re the same thing.  Sort of.

Connections with New York City- Sort of.

I just returned from a vacation in New York City, the first time I had ever visited "the Big Apple." While we were there we attended 3 Broadway plays.

The first; Avenue Q, billed as Sesame Street for adults, or Sesame Street meets South Park, was hilarious, but definitely adult.

March is Mirth Month--no kidding!

Just when you thought the winter was going to steal any laughter or relaxation you had left, along comes March—Mirth Month!  (Try to say “March is mirth month” ten times with a straight face!) How about some humor to relieve winter stress?  May we suggest a good comedy? 

Teens and Libraries

Okay, so we have many teens and 'tweens (don't you hate that term?) at our branch, especially after school. And that's good! True, most of the them go immediately to the computers and/or the dvd's but, they're in the library!

More for Big Read readers!

Don’t miss this year’s Big Read selection, Bless me, Ultima by Rudolfo A. Anaya!

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