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Another "Lost" weekend!

I did it again!  Spent another weekend watching "Lost," this time the fourth season.  I was openmouthed constantly at the plot twists and turns - the incredible coincidences (oh right, there are no coincidences on Lost - everything will be explained eventually.)  With frequent flashbacks, (their signature schtick) the shows are also laced with future flashes, until everything comes together at the end.  Yet the 4th season left plenty to think about for the fifth season.  This show is addictive.  Too bad the current season's shows air at 8:00 pm, when I'm still

Downsized? No trauma, do it with ease

There are a lot of us looking at our finances and deciding to make do with less, whether where we are or moving on to something smaller.

Organic You

Happily, spring is here and we can open windows again and enjoy the fresh air and clean smells of the great outdoors (unless you live near a large pig farm or dairy that is doing spring cleaning). Many people still do that annual spring cleaning, not just farmers.  If that is you, here are some great books to turn that event into a more healthful one and suggest simple lifestyle changes that last the whole year long.


Jane Austen Book Club - March

What a great time was had by all at the February meeting!  We had our largest crowd ever and the fim "Bride & Prejudice" got a vigorous round of applause.  One of our members, Katie, had the brilliant idea to continue to alternate formats for our meeting - one month an Austen novel discussion and the following month the same book in movie format.  Her idea was proclaimed as "brilliant" by the folks attending, so it was adopted.  Next month we will be reading and discussing "Emma" and

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