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The Jane Austen Book Club

In April, we had a great time viewing the adaptation of "Emma"-- "Clueless." the story of a privileged Beverly Hills teen who tries her hand at matchmaking, with mixed results,  In May, our meeting is moved to the 18th when we will be discussing "Northanger Abbey," Jane Austen's attempt at a parody of the Gothic novel, a popular genre of the day.  Come join us at 6:00 pm in the McIntyre Room in the Carnegie Building, 244 W.


     The last column covered marital advice; this one follows up with advice for those divorcing. We don’t mean to say that marriages always end in divorce: merely that divorces happen and the library has materials on the subject. We also offer children’s materials to help divorcing parents answer their children’s questions and fears.  That will be the subject of a future column.

Marriage Matters in Jackson

Spring is in the air, and that means romance to many of us.  Anniversaries and vacations, moonlit strolls and blooming roses…If you find you’re not quite in the mood, maybe some of these great marriage guides can help.

Jane Austen "Clueless" in April!

Jane Austen Book Club features the movie "Clueless", starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd.  One of the first modern adaptations of Austen's films, the screen play by teen favorite, Amy Heckerling, will be familiar to Austen fans as a broad parody of "Emma," while still making points on its own merits.   According to the Internet Movie Database, "Jane Austen's Emma meets Beverley Hills 90210 in US West Coast teen lifestyle parody."  Cher is the heroine, ou

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