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Decked Out in Art Decko

     As the weather warms, lots of people head outside. And with finances limiting what we can do and where we go, the backyard looks better and better. Or does it?  If your house could use some help before you start entertaining al fresco, try some of these outstanding books available from the Jackson District Library.

A New Book from David Rosenfelt!

One of my favorite authors, David Rosenfelt, just sent me a email with a video link to announce his latest book the Andy Carpenter series.  Like the author and character, I also have a Golden Retriever, so I was very touched by the rescue operation run by the author and his wife.  Check out this clip, to enjoy the self-described "dog lunatic."  Look for his new book, "New Tricks."  JDL has pre-ordered the book, so you can request it now.

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