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Michigan Fiction, Michigan Settings

      We Michiganders can escape and benefit Michigan by vacationing in the state, spending at local businesses, and, yes, by reading Michigan fiction!  Of course, some Michigan authors are well known, such as Elmore Leonard or Steve Hamilton. If you have already read Hamilton's popular UP series, maybe your next selection could be Starvation Lake by Bryan Gruley.

Yoga, Meditation and Books

Yoga, Meditation and Books


When you hear the word yoga you might automatically picture a young, lean and extremly flexible person bending into a pretzle or putting their legs behind their head or some other impossible physical feat. 


That is not yoga. In fact, the physical aspect of yoga, the yoga asana, was developed sort of as an after thought. 

5 Best Family Vacations in the USA


The snow is finally melting and spring break is right around the corner!

Need inspiration for a fun and family friendly vacation?

We have books for that!

Here are a few of the top vacation destinations in the US for family friendly fun & books to help with your travel plans:

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