Tessa's favorite book review: The Rook by Daniel O'Malley

    Australian native Daniel O'Malley has written a book that slithered right up onto my favorites list--and that list isn't terribly long.

Tessa's advance book review: Katya's world by Jonathan L. Howard

  Jacket cover  Howard's book Katya's world drops us right into the action and takes us out on Katya's first voyage as a licensed sub navigator on the water planet Russalka. Katya is 15, nearly 16, and a prodigy. Her Uncle Lukyan, the sub owner, is very proud of her. As they are heading out, a Federal agent forces them to take him and a prisoner on board.

MINI MYSTERY CON is Thursday the 27th!

Don't miss our 2nd MiniMysteryConvention on Thursday, September 27th, at 7 pm in the McIntyre Room at the Carnegie Branch.  Trench-coated man in fedora with magnifying glass over eye

We will have fantastic book talks, great new books, fun book readings, and free refreshments.  Bring your friends and family!

Tessa's advance book review: Beta by Rachel Cohn

Beta by Rachel Cohn is a reality star cum clone story which is pretty shallow and tired. The location is quite possible--a terraformed island with special atmo and seawater for the elite to sizzle and rejuvenate.  Only the uberrich can get there, and all the servants are cloned.  Beta is what our main character is--a trial clone who is designed as an adolescent rather than adult.  She is gorgeous and everything seems super, but she knows right away that something is wrong.

Tessa's book review: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

    Jacket cover

    OK, I promised 5 stars for Seraphina, but I am changing my mind now that I have read the entire book.  4.5 instead--it somehow almost made it to perfection, but not quite.

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