Tessa reviews Michigan author's new book: Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines

    Jacket cover After a rough start, Jim C. Hines' new book Libriomancer improves immensely. It reminds me somewhat of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books. There are lots of fun allusions to favorite scifi or fantasy, such as the preference of the main character, Isaac, for brown coats (Firefly).

Tessa’s book review: The Round House by Louise Erdrich

    National Book Award winner The Round House is by turns hilarious, heart-breaking, moving, brutal, crude and crass, then hilarious again (sometimes it’s the crude and crass stuff that is so funny).  It tells the story of the summer Joey Coutz turns 13.  Joey is doted on by the old folks on the reservation.  And so are his three friends, Aaron, Zack and Cappy.  The four ride their bikes all over, usually looking for someone who will feed them

Tessa's new author review: The Crowded Grave by Martin Walker

    A great new author for me--I can't wait to go back now and read Martin Walker's first mysteries!  A former Editor for UPI and currently director of a think tank, Oxford alum Walker splits his time between Washington, DC, and the Dordogne region. His books take place in the villages of the Dordogne and take advantage of the loveliness of the Aquitaine area of France.

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