Obama & Biden @ your library

No, sorry, Barack Obama isn't visiting the local library.  But we do have information on him and running mate Joe Biden. 

McCain & Palin @ your library

No, sorry, John McCain and Sarah Palin aren't visiting this week.  But we will have information on them both at the library!

Book review: The story of Edgar Sawtelle

Heralded on Amazon as the best of June, creeping up the NYTimes bestseller list to number 6, this story of a boy and his dog by David Wroblewski was not what I expected.  After reading the author's comments about wanting something with "the uncynical Midwestern sense of heart," I am even more at sea.   

Up-to-the-minute Travel

On your way!

Summer travel?  Maybe you can only dream about it this year, but maybe you're still going…and these books might help!

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