Romance Rekindled

     As Valentine's Day approaches, many turn their thoughts to their partner or their search for one.  Some people need a little encouragement to get in the romantic mood.  For inspiration on happy marriages, try Everlasting matrimony: pearls of wisdom from couples married 50 years or more by Sheryl P.

Fix or fix up that car yourself!

    Ready to tackle some of the easier repairs on your car?  Try some of these! To get a nice, clear presentation with appropriate charts and photos, Auto upkeep: basic car care, maintenance, and repair by Michael E. and Linda E. Gray, 2nd edition, is a good choice.  Steps and troublespots are clearly set out and price guides give reasonable maintenance and repair budgets.

Book Review: The girl with the dragon tattoo by Stieg Larsson

      For the past several weeks I have listened to the CD format of the book The girl with the dragon tattoo by Stieg Larsson during my commute.  The narrator was excellent--I completely forgot about him, although I can't speak to his ability with the Swedish language.  The story kept me fascinated from beginning to end.  One caveat--this is a gritty read. It has all the factors which usually drive me away from an author--extreme violence, language, sex, and more.  

The new cleanliness

     If you want to be entertained by the changing cleanliness customs through the ages and across the world, read The dirt on clean: an unsanitized history by Katherine Ashenburg. Dwelling in depth upon European and American customs, Ashenburg finds fun and amazing trivialities while laying out a case for American over-cleanliness. "'Clean'keeps receding into the distance," she says.

Job Hunting Resources for 2010

    As 2010 begins, the unemployment rate is showing some improvement, but there are still too many Michiganders out of work.  In 2009 the Jackson District Libraries ordered new materials targeting job hunters.

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