Psychic Subjects

   Medium with crystal ballThere is always a lot of interest in psychic matters--for proof, simply look to the number of Sylvia Browne books in print and selling well. The Carnegie branch just ordered replacements for several missing books of hers--a sure sign of popularity.

Popular Paranormals

    At the request of frequent library visitors, we are doing two columns on the paranormal and psychic phenomena.  These topics are very popular with some and totally taboo with others, but we have selected books that may appeal to both groups.  Certainly the first book, Supersense: why we believe in the unbelievable by Bruce Hood, is one that most anyone would find acceptable.  In this overview of people's attitudes towar

Inspire yourself--Volunteer!

   The busy family's guide to volunteering jacket cover Most of us need cheering up from time to time, but the current economy is enough to depress everyone. What to do?  Get involved and help, which will not only cheer you up, but also improve someone else's life!  The following materials have excellent opportunities that will suit anyone, anywhere.

Say cheese!

   Enter the huge world of aged or fresh, hard, semi-soft and soft cheeses.  The world cheese book edited by Juliet Harbutt takes you around the world, through each country, with a photo and description of each cheese. The introduction explains the various cheese categories and their techniques and particularities.  The rest of the book is devoted to more than two hundred cheeses.

Knees & Toes: A surgical review

   Actually, this is about knees and feet, not just toes. Each year many people undergo surgery or incur an injury to their knee or foot--the knee is the most commonly injured joint in the body.  Most people don't realize what a lifestyle change such an injury can be.  Recently a colleague, whom I will call Jeanne for this article, took a bad fall which required knee surgery.  She quickly discovered that her two-story home with steps up to the entrances was less than ideal, especially in Michigan winter.

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