Mulengro, by Charles de Lint, is a winner!

    Mulengro is a keeper, and it would make a great movie, too.  This book, published in 1985, is going into new editions due to the well-deserved fame of its Canadian author, Charles de Lint.  De Lint has no fewer than eight books on the Modern Library's Readers' List of the Top 100 Best Novels.

Dreams & their Inception

   Movie poster: Inception   New movie Inception has turned the world's attention inward, toward dreams and their possibilities. Some people may be anxious or interested in the movie's thesis--that others could use our dreams against us in reality or through manipulation.  News shows are inviting anyone they can find to discuss dreams, their possibilities and interpretations.

Baseball, football, golf, or tennis, anyone?

   If you're looking for a tell-all that rakes up all the dirt on the fights and firings that went on during George Steinbrenner's years owning the Yankees, this book isn't it.  Steinbrenner: the last lion of baseball by Bill Madden is, however, an honest look at all the goings-on during the years that Steinbrenner took the Yankees from the $10 million purchase pri

Great Books for Family Listening!

 Jacket Cover  Summer vacations are here!  That is sooo good--but they can be sooo long, if you have long car rides or plane trips, or too much rain, or who knows?  One of the great new services at the Jackson District Library are the audio downloads.  We now offer two different download sources--NetLibrary and Overdrive.  They each have new and classic titles for use on computers or MP3 players.

Psychic Subjects

   Medium with crystal ballThere is always a lot of interest in psychic matters--for proof, simply look to the number of Sylvia Browne books in print and selling well. The Carnegie branch just ordered replacements for several missing books of hers--a sure sign of popularity.

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