Book review: A discovery of witches by Deborah Harkness

    If you aren't completely anti-vampire, A discovery of witches might be one to take to the lake. Written by a history professor, it is rich in European history and settings. Harkness chooses to begin this book, the first in a trilogy, in Oxford at the Bodleian Library--pure joy for Tolkien or C.S. Lewis fans!

Series review: The Joe Grey mysteries by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

    Cat lovers, here's a mystery series for you!  If you love Lillian Jackson Braun, you just might like Shirley Rousseau Murphy.  Equally cozy, the Joe Grey series is enchanting in many of the same ways as the Braun's series. While Braun's settings vary, the main locale, Moose County, is "400 miles north of everywhere." Usually acknowledged as Bad Axe, Michigan, Braun lived there for years.

Book review: Special exits: a graphic memoir by Joyce Farmer

   New genre graphic novels has been expanded lately to include graphic nonfiction. If you are still thinking that graphic means "sexually explicit," it is time to adjust.  Rather like the job title "graphic designer" for someone who designs publications and visual images, a graphic novel is a story told in pictures.  The old term was "comic book."  Not really sure why the new term took over, but language is like that. Nobody is shot with a "heater" anymore, now the perp is "packing," usually a "nine," that is, a nine-millimeter weapon.

Two to consult: tweak your medicine & chemical exposure

    Two new books in the Jackson District Library system are strongly recommended for protecting your health.

Book review: Birds of North America by Tom Wood, Sheri Williamson and Jeffrey Glassberg

Book review: Birds of North America by Tom Wood, Sheri Williamson and Jeffrey Glassberg

    This gorgeous new book, approved by the American Bird Conservancy, offers very general introductory ideas and identifications. It is not thorough in any area, nor does it give complete listings or maps.

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