Mystery review: A trick of the light: a Chief Inspector Gamache novel by Louise Penny

    The seventh book in Louise Penny's Three Pines series was released in August.  I am surprised to discover I haven't reviewed her books before this!  From her very first book, Penny became a favorite author and has remained so with each addition to the series.  The setting is a tiny village of Québec south of Montréal with a disproportionate share of creative geniuses and artful curmudgeons.  And also, as a character in A trick of the light puts it,

Book review: Out of control by Mary Connealy

    Out of control is the first in The Kincaid brides series.  That title says right off that this is a romance.  It is also published by Christian publisher Bethany House, so I knew before I started to expect a faith-based narrative.  And it was, but not in a preachy, overdone way.  The characters were believable as they encouraged one another.

DVD review: Priest

DVD review: Priest

    Most people think Priest is a horror movie.  If I had known that, I wouldn't have watched it.  But it really isn't.  Yes, it's a dark vampire movie, but it just isn't scary enough to be horror.  It's a dark dystopian setting in an alternate reality where mankind has fought Vampire Wars for millenia, until now vamps are on reservations, the world is practically destroyed, and people live in huge cities ruled by the Church.

Book review: Awakening by S.J. Bolton

   Beware--if you have a snake phobia, you may not want to read the book Awakening

   It has some creepy snake moments. Personally, I like snakes--grew up with them. I can remember sharing the back seat with a rattlesnake in a cage. Fun times. I also remember a car trip when my mom woke up with baby snakes (nonvenomous) crawling across her.  Quick stop, lots of fussing.

Book review: I'll be there by Holly Goldberg Sloan

    17-year-olds Sam and Emily see each other for the first time across the church sanctuary while Emily is singing her first and only solo ("I'll be there"). After holding her hair back while she ralphed outside in the parking lot, Sam disappears. Emily can't find him anywhere. She's never been that interested in a boy before, but Sam is special. Sam, meanwhile, has gotten the first haircut of his life, on a whim, and everyone suddenly notices him--since he's as hot as any model.

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