DVD review: Priest

DVD review: Priest

    Most people think Priest is a horror movie.  If I had known that, I wouldn't have watched it.  But it really isn't.  Yes, it's a dark vampire movie, but it just isn't scary enough to be horror.  It's a dark dystopian setting in an alternate reality where mankind has fought Vampire Wars for millenia, until now vamps are on reservations, the world is practically destroyed, and people live in huge cities ruled by the Church.

DVD review: My name is Khan

Film poster The Adult Summer Reading program has ended, and the Foreign Film Series with it.  My name is Khan was one of the movies picked for the series, but I hadn't gotten around to seeing it yet.  Until this week.  I sat down to watch it, with pleasant expectations of a big Bollywood movie, lots of singing and dancing.

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September 2, 2011                                                                                                &nbs

DVD review: Cowboys & aliens

    Disappointed!  That sums it up--I had such high expectations for the comic and ironic possibilities of Cowboys & Aliens and its stars!  Don't rush off and say I panned it--the movie is well done, and the acting is good, including Geoffrey Rush as a drunk (this guy always surprises me).

DVD review: We were soldiers

    Reluctance probably describes my attitude toward the movie We were soldiers as my family began watching it.  I dislike violence in movies, especially gratuitous, meaningless violence.  But gratuitous couldn't ever describe this movie, even though it is rated R and contains a large amount of very graphic death and dismemberment.

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