DVD's - Upcoming and Current Releases 4/23/12

DVD's - Upcoming & Current Releases

April 23, 2012                                             Jane M. DeBano

NEXT SHOWING: The Descendants @ Carnegie Auditorium

Join us in the Carnegie Auditorium Thursday evening at 6 pm for a showing of Academy Award Winner The Descendants.  This R-rated film is a comedic drama about a Hawaiian land baron trying to reconnect with his teenaged daughters after his wife is badly injured in an accident.  Free refreshments.

Tessa thinks Contagion is nearly perfect!

Poster: ContagionContagion the DVD is an engrossing, totally arresting movie!  Not for children, the reality and ugliness and fear of a major pandemic is terrifyingly portrayed.

JA Book Club Reads Margaret Maron

The Jane Austen Book club is reading Margaret Maron this year. She's a North Carolina native whose first novel, "Bootlegger's Daughter" won every major mystery award for best first novel. That book was the first to feature Deborah Knott, whose colorful Daddy was a bootlegger. Deborah is an attorney who decides to take a stand against "mean-minded judicial pettiness" and take on the Old Boy's Club by running for a retiring judge's seat.

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Carnegie: Feature Films with Food

05/03/2012 6:00 pm
05/03/2012 8:30 pm

The first Thursday of the month is Carnegie's film group  meeting.  This month we are watching new release Iron Lady (PG13) with Meryl Streep.  Join us in the auditorium at 6 pm for the film and refreshments.

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