Audio Book Review – Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher

Picture a high school student named “The Tao,” adopted at around the age of 5 by very loving parents named Jones.  You can imagine the remarks when he went to school and announced his name was “The Tao Jones.”  After a lot of anger therapy as a result of being abused and abandoned by his birth mother, he matured into a great kid who goes by TJ.  He’s witty, incisive, self-aware – a great athlete and very well-adjusted.

Audiobook Review – Atlantis and Other Places by Harry Turtledove

Alternate History is a genre that asks the question – what if our history had taken a different track?  What if the Nazis had won WW II?

Audiobook Review - The Gallow's Thief

I love Bernard Cornwell’s work, mostly the Richard Sharpe series, the Grail Quest series and the Warlord series but here comes a wonderful standalone book, The Gallows Thief.  It is set in Georgian England, about 1815, when hanging judges kept the gallows filled.  The penalty for almost all crimes, including petty theft, was hanging or transportation to one of the Crown’s colonies.  The book opens with a gruesome hanging at Newgate prison

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