Thriller review: You're next by Greg Hurwitz

     While reading this weekend, I actually found myself holding my breath. The challenge I've set myself recently is to try new authors, and one of the first I selected is best-selling thriller author Greg Hurwitz.  His newest publication is You're next,and the title might tell you just how intense the tension and terror are throughout. Michael Wingate was abandoned at age 4, grew up in a foster home, always looking for his dad to come back.

Audiobook Review - – Death Cloud, a Young Sherlock Holmes adventure

This is an audiobook version of a young Sherlock Holmes adventure by Andrew Lane.  There is all sorts of foreshadowing in this novel as the young 14 yr.

Cookbook review: Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook

    I made a pretty basic mistake with Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook--I started looking it over right around lunchtime. By the time my coworker got back from his lunch break, I was seriously wanting to gnaw the book. It looks that good.

Jane Austen Book Club for December Concludes Discussion of Diana Gabaldon Books

During our November meeting we started discussing we will be discussing the second half of the Echo In the Bone in the continuing saga of Jamie and Clare Fraser, which will bring us up to date until Diana Gabaldon finishes her next book. We will meet on Monday, December 19 at 6:00 pm in the McIntyre Room. It will be our annual Holiday party as well so bring goodies and drinks.  If you are a fan of Clare and Jamie's, join us. If you are an ardent Jane Austen fan, join us as well.

Noted Science Fiction Author Anne McCaffrey Dead at age 85.

There’s a huge hole in the Sci/fi Universe because Anne McCaffrey died on Monday, Nov. 21 2011 of a massive stroke at her home in Ireland (Dragonhold-Underhill.)  She wrote over 100 books, including thirteen series, but was most famous for the Dragons of Pern. 

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