Book Review – The Queen of Patpong

Timothy Hallinan is one of a group of writers who contribute to a blog called “Murder is Everywhere.”  Each of them writes in a different country about that country’s problems and differing approach to crime solving.  Hallinan’s country is Thailand and his protagonist is a travel writer named Poke Rafferty.  Poke has married a former bar/go-go girl and they have adopted an orphan from the streets of Bangkok.

Book review: The viral storm: the dawn of a new pandemic age by Nathan Wolfe

  Not all scientists can write. Stanford visiting professor Nathan Wolfe can, and he does a superb job in his new book The Viral Storm. Concepts which have been difficult for others to explain flow easily from Wolfe's pen.

Jackson Citizen Patriot changes affect library column

Yesterday the Jackson Citizen Patriot staff informed the library that the At the Library feature column on the back of the Live It Up section of  the Sunday edition will be dropped as of February 2012.  From then on, that page will be standardized across the state. 

For those who wish to request something be continued or to complain, the Citizen Patriot states they will be listening closely to patron feedback.  If you're going to miss us, let them know!

Thanks for your support and all the positive comments t

Book review: Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury

    Some of the best reading of childhood comes from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, Little Men and the following books. I fondly remember these books, which I frequently re-read as a child.  The movies were so pleasant, too!  If you haven't watched them with your little ones, they might be good ones for the holiday vacation.

Book Review – Death Comes to Pemberley

The ultimate fan fiction treat – one of fiction’s most famous authors, a Pride and Prejudice setting and an intriguing mystery!  P. D.

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