Tessa's book review: Dark star by Bethany Frenette

Jacket Cover    Dark Star is another young adult coming of age and into superpowers book with predictable romance. Fortunately, no vampires, just monsters they call demons. (But they still use their teeth.) Logically, her world has a few thin spots, lacking something in the visuals and the feel of it all, as well as in the makeup of the Beneath.

JA Book Club November Meeting

The Jane Austen Book club is reading Margaret Maron this year. She's a North Carolina native whose first novel, "Bootlegger's Daughter" won every major mystery award for best first novel. That book was the first to feature Deborah Knott, whose colorful Daddy was a bootlegger. Deborah is an attorney who decides to take a stand against "mean-minded judicial pettiness" and take on the Old Boy's Club by running for a retiring judge's seat.

Tessa's book review: Ironskin by Tina Conolly

jacket coverIronskin by Tina Conolly takes Jane Eyre and turns it on its head.  Or face.  Yes, it's a mashup.  A pretty good one, but still another mashup.  I enjoyed it, though.  The characterization was pretty good, and the plot made sense, if a little confused towards the end.  In this Jane tale, Jane Elliot was wounded in the Gre

Tessa's favorite book review: The Rook by Daniel O'Malley

    Australian native Daniel O'Malley has written a book that slithered right up onto my favorites list--and that list isn't terribly long.

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