Get "Lost" at JDL

Did you see the Cit-Pat's Thursday Entertainment section praising the ABC show "LOST?"  If you wonder what all the fuss is about, we have seasons One, Two and Three here at JDL.  Each season counts as one of our two for a dollar DVD price.  I spent most of the Memorial Day weekend catching up with Season Three.  Trust me, the best way to watch these weekly cliff-hangers is all at once!  Check our catalog and prepare to get lost in

Author/Book Review

I love to discover a new mystery author with a compelling central character that grows and develops over a series of books.  My latest favorite is Chris Knopf, author of The Last Refuge, Two Time, and Head Wounds.  The settings is the Hamptons on Long Island where Sam Acquillo, ex-engineer, ex-corporate division head, ex-boxer has retreated to live in his dead parents ramshackle cottage in Southampton's North Sea neighborhood.   Existential despair is Sam's prevailing mood, until he gets hooked up with a beautiful, married banker, a pot-

Jane Austen Book Club Meets June 9th

The JA Book Club meets on June 9th at 5:00 (summer hours) in the MacIntyre Room in the Carnegie Building.  We will be discussing our favorite Jane Austen Fanfiction - that huge body of sequels, continuances, parodies and homages that have arisen around our favorite author's work.  We will serve tea and cakes as usual, providing physical as well as intellectual nourishment.

Congratulations to Sara Calkins, one of our founding members, on receiving the distinction of National Merit Scholar.  We're very proud of you.  See you all at our next meeting!


Movie Review - Eastern Promises

This movie is for Adults only - Rated R for violence, sex and language.  That said - it was an amazing movie. 

I  finally watched this movie and was blown away by Viggo Mortenson's performance. I had heard him on Fresh Aire, talking about how he prepared for the role. He was astounding - his character is a Russion ex-con working for the Russian mob in London. The difference between Viggo in the role and Viggo in the DVD extras was amazing - and it was all nuances of facial expression, bearing, posture.

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