A New Book from David Rosenfelt!

One of my favorite authors, David Rosenfelt, just sent me a email with a video link to announce his latest book the Andy Carpenter series.  Like the author and character, I also have a Golden Retriever, so I was very touched by the rescue operation run by the author and his wife.  Check out this clip, to enjoy the self-described "dog lunatic."  Look for his new book, "New Tricks."  JDL has pre-ordered the book, so you can request it now.

The Jane Austen Book Club

In April, we had a great time viewing the adaptation of "Emma"-- "Clueless." the story of a privileged Beverly Hills teen who tries her hand at matchmaking, with mixed results,  In May, our meeting is moved to the 18th when we will be discussing "Northanger Abbey," Jane Austen's attempt at a parody of the Gothic novel, a popular genre of the day.  Come join us at 6:00 pm in the McIntyre Room in the Carnegie Building, 244 W.

Jane Austen "Clueless" in April!

Jane Austen Book Club features the movie "Clueless", starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd.  One of the first modern adaptations of Austen's films, the screen play by teen favorite, Amy Heckerling, will be familiar to Austen fans as a broad parody of "Emma," while still making points on its own merits.   According to the Internet Movie Database, "Jane Austen's Emma meets Beverley Hills 90210 in US West Coast teen lifestyle parody."  Cher is the heroine, ou

Another "Lost" weekend!

I did it again!  Spent another weekend watching "Lost," this time the fourth season.  I was openmouthed constantly at the plot twists and turns - the incredible coincidences (oh right, there are no coincidences on Lost - everything will be explained eventually.)  With frequent flashbacks, (their signature schtick) the shows are also laced with future flashes, until everything comes together at the end.  Yet the 4th season left plenty to think about for the fifth season.  This show is addictive.  Too bad the current season's shows air at 8:00 pm, when I'm still

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