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Jane Austen Book Club Meets June 9th

The JA Book Club meets on June 9th at 5:00 (summer hours) in the MacIntyre Room in the Carnegie Building.  We will be discussing our favorite Jane Austen Fanfiction - that huge body of sequels, continuances, parodies and homages that have arisen around our favorite author's work.  We will serve tea and cakes as usual, providing physical as well as intellectual nourishment.

Congratulations to Sara Calkins, one of our founding members, on receiving the distinction of National Merit Scholar.  We're very proud of you.  See you all at our next meeting!


Jane Austen Book Club Moves to May 5th

The May meeting of the JA Book Club will be on May 5th at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.  We will, of course, have tea and refreshments as well as much well-informed and lively conversation.  Everyone is invited.  We will be discussing Sense & Sensibility, the book and the movie adaptations.  Please find the time to pamper yourself and join us.  We have many copies of Sense & Sensibility in the library system, plus movie adaptations and audiobooks.

Jane Austen Book Club and Tea

We had a great meeting this week of the Jane Austen Book Club.  Thanks go to English native Mary Wyatt, who made delicious salmon and cucumber sandwiches and Jean Davis who provided the food.  Mary regaled us with stories about England and her memories of English teatimes.  We had 10 people join us for the tea and also the discussion of Mansfield Park.  We also had two different versions of MP running on video.

Great Mystery series for Golden Lovers

If you like mysteries, Grisham-type law thrillers or Golden Retrievers, you will love this series by David Rosenfelt.  His hero is Andy Carpenter, a lawyer bred and born in New Jersey, with that witty Jersey edge, who loves his Golden named Tara.  Andy doesn't take many cases, but the ones he does are life and death.  The books, in order, are: Open and Shut, First Degree, Sudden Death, Bury the Lead, Dead Center and Play Dead.  The stories provide a fascinating in

Jane Austen Book Club Update

The March meeting of the Jane Austen Book Club was our biggest ever!  We discussed Northanger Abbey.

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