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Tessa's book review: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

 Jacket cover: The Scorpio Races

   The Scorpio Races is getting a lot of attention lately--deservedly. A friend described it as atmospheric, and she is so right. It has atmosphere, adventure, thrills, humor and more! Set on an island that, one infers, is somewhere near the British Isles, the island, Thisby, occupies as large a part of the book as any of the characters.

Eastern Branch "2nd Wednesday Book Group"

04/11/2012 1:30 pm

Book and Tea

Eastern Branch Book Group

JA Book Club Reads Margaret Maron

The Jane Austen Book club is reading Margaret Maron this year. She's a North Carolina native whose first novel, "Bootlegger's Daughter" won every major mystery award for best first novel. That book was the first to feature Deborah Knott, whose colorful Daddy was a bootlegger. Deborah is an attorney who decides to take a stand against "mean-minded judicial pettiness" and take on the Old Boy's Club by running for a retiring judge's seat.

Book Review – Restless in the Grave by Dana Stabenow

Restless in the Grave starts out with an atypical opening sequence for Dana Stabenow’s Alaska-based mysteries.  It starts on a hilltop in Helmand province, Afghanistan, where a young Afghani, kidnapped and trained by the Taliban for this one mission, aims a brand new high-tech weapon at a helicopter, killing all inside.

The scene switches to Alaska, where the protagonists of Stabenow’s two Alaskan series, Liam Campbell and Kate Shugak meet up.&

Among the Hidden- Book Disc. @Spring Arbor

04/02/2012 12:00 pm

We're reading the first in a great young adult series.

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