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Story Time @ Napoleon

02/07/2012 2:30 pm


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Preschool Storytime - Napoleon

01/24/2012 2:30 pm

CitPat keeps column

A huge shout-out to the Jackson Citizen Patriot for deciding to keep the library's newspaper column At the library when the format changes take effect. There will be no break in the articles appearing on the book page of the Live It Up section.  Thanks so much!

New High school & College Age book discussion group

Looking for a group to talk about the latest great reads?  Join the new high school/college age group that meets at Carnegie on the second Thursday of the month.  Come January 12th to argue your fave--Hunger Games or Twilight.  Or just to tell us you hate them both!  We want to know what you think and why.  Meet at 6 pm in the McIntyre Room on the second floor.  Free Eats, too!

Jackson Citizen Patriot changes affect library column

Yesterday the Jackson Citizen Patriot staff informed the library that the At the Library feature column on the back of the Live It Up section of  the Sunday edition will be dropped as of February 2012.  From then on, that page will be standardized across the state. 

For those who wish to request something be continued or to complain, the Citizen Patriot states they will be listening closely to patron feedback.  If you're going to miss us, let them know!

Thanks for your support and all the positive comments t

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