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Books & Reading

Tessa's book review: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

 Jacket cover: The Scorpio Races

   The Scorpio Races is getting a lot of attention lately--deservedly. A friend described it as atmospheric, and she is so right. It has atmosphere, adventure, thrills, humor and more! Set on an island that, one infers, is somewhere near the British Isles, the island, Thisby, occupies as large a part of the book as any of the characters.

Book review: South of Superior by Ellen Airgood

   Book jacket: South of Superior A pleasant surprise--a book that isn't from any of my favorite genres, and I still really liked it!  South of Superior is set in the fictional UP town of McAllaster, along Superior's shore.  Knowing that the author lives in Grand Marais and runs the charming West Bay Diner gives the book more credibility and really reinforces the authenticity.

Book review: How to be a perfect stranger: the essential religious etiquette handbook

    Now in its 5th edition, How to be a perfect stranger is a unique and essential resource for the cross-cultural guest. Voted Best Reference of the Year, I highly recommend checking out this book at need. Anyone who is invited to a wedding or other service of a religion other than their own will be completely assured of their dress and behavior after consulting this terrific introductory resource.  Each chapter answers the questions in the essential checklist: How should I be dressed? What will happen during the service? What will happen after the service?

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