Tessa's audiobook review: A confusion of princes by Garth Nix

   Jacket cover Garth Nix is the author of one of my favorite fantasy series, the Abhorsen set. His new young adult book A confusion of princes by Garth Nix is great escapism--lovers of the old space novels like Lester Del Rey's Rocket Jockey or Robert Heinlein's Have spacesuit, will travel will love this.  People who like Herbert's Dune or Cherryh's Foreigner series may like it, too, since it has political intrigue mixed in with all the adventure and action.
   The main character, Khemry, is an arrogant prince (aka principal) of the Empire, sure of himself and his place in the galaxies until he actually ascends to his position.  And finds out that 30% of new princes are murdered within the first 24 hours. And that he has to go in the navy, no choice, no other reasonable options. Of course, his fellow princes/cadets mostly hate him on sight.  Then he keeps getting in trouble, demerit after demerit. But with all the extra duties, he learns some basic stuff that comes in handy when the academy is invaded by aliens. Basic stuff that saves his life.  Or, rather, makes the Empire find his life worthy of keeping.  More than once.  ~ Tessa J. Eger         3.5 out of 5 stars