Carnegie: Shakespeare Allow'd!- Love's Labour's Lost

06/30/2012 10:00 am

Join us in the reading of "Love's Labour's Lost"

SHAKESPEARE ALLOW'D! is held on the last Saturday of each Month. We will gather at 10 A.M. and begin reading around 10:30 A.M. 12-16 chairs will be placed in a circle and who ever wants to read out loud can choose one of those chairs. There will be additional seating available for anyone who wants to read along silently. (Although that doesn't mean we won't ask your help for crowd scenes.) Most of the plays take about 3 hours to read and we take a 15 minute break halfway through.

Please bring your own copy of the play if you have one, and the library will supply a limited number of copies for those who don't have their own.


These readings are free and open to the public. Hearing these plays read aloud will not only give you much more insight into the depth of Shakespeare's works, it will help you experience how muscular, immediate, resourceful, hysterical- well, ALIVE- the language is!


This is a partnership between the Michigan Shakespeare Festival and the Jackson District Library.