Tessa's book review: Jeffrey Siger's Chief Inspector Kaldis series

    MykonosAfter finishing the second Inspector Kaldis book while on vacation Memorial Day, I was really glad to write a review.  The books are short but packed with lots of color, and the colors are bright Aegean blue and blinding cloud white and dusty hillside tan. Oh, and blood red, dark as night, with occasional flashes of lurid orange. All take place in Greece: the first (Murder in Mykonos) occurring on the island of Mykonos, the author's second home.Jacket Cover: Murder in Mykonos
    Andreas Kaldis has been transferred there after a career blunder, as punishment.  However, Kaldis finds himself a home there on Mykonos, in spite of the massive tourist problem, the partying, and the internal, eternal sniping between the local powers. But then a young woman, a tourist,disappears, and everyone wants it kept quiet--the mayor, the hotel owner, the local crime boss, the former police chief, everyone except Kaldis. Then someone finds a body in a remote church crypt--and the body is a young woman, tall, thin, and blonde.  Unfortunately, she isn't the one that has gone missing! Before long, Kaldis is finding bodies, mostly bones, in church crypts all over the island. And the nightmare is only starting.
    In the second book, Assassins of Athens, Andreas must have done something right in the first book (no spoilers here), because he has been transferred back to Athens, this time as head of the Special Crimes Unit. He has taken Officer Kouros with him, thankful for Kouros' quiet willingness to chauffeur him into ever larger and messier messes. This book dwells even more intensively on the corruption of Greece's government, including its police. Kaldis has won a reputation for dogged persistence in getting to the bottom of cases, no matter who is found down there.  This new case may prove too explosive--the son of one of the most elite families, owners of the most renowned newspaper, is found murdered in a dumpster in one of the worst neighborhoods. Andreas quickly discovers the death is more than it seems. Two beautiful women are involved, and Andreas is, naturally, sort of involved with both. ~ Tessa Eger          3.5 stars out of 5

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Now that I've finished the third book, it suddenly occurred to me  that it might be wise to mention that there is some graphic sex in these books...Not throughout, but a couple of incidents in each. But the third book was just as good as the first two!