Jaxon Film Festival to Feature Michigan Indie Films at Eastern Branch Saturday May 26th!

05/26/2012 2:00 pm

The Jaxon Film Fest in conjunction with Jackson District Library

will present Saturday Matinee at the Library!

Next installment will focus on "narrative films" Total time approx. 85 minutes.

Eastern Branch, Saturday, May 26th at 2:00 pm.

Free and open to the public and also available through ustream.tv, access to the program on personal computers and other devices is possible.

Films include:

  • "Thieves" (Michigan) A futuristic tale of New Detroit.  14:01
  • "Just Deserter" (UK) A British soldier receives word of an impending Nazi bombing. 10:23
  • "My Angel, My Hero: Dance with Parkinson's Disease" Science is discovering the impact of dance. 19:00
  • "Umbra" A vagrant encounters the supernatural. 14:01
  • "I Hate" A girl suffers with multiple personalities. 5:41
  • "10:03" The very real danger of religious radicalism. 11:47
  • "The Return of Ulysses" A young man's despair after loosing his grandmother. 10:43
  • "Whers Clem?" A visiting tenant confronts a hitman demanding money. 6:43
  • "Art in Typospheria"Art suffer writers block, but a portal opens in the hidden regions of his mind and the story becomes a promise of possibility! 8 minutes 

JDL Eastern Branch • 3125 E. Michigan Ave. • 517-788-4074