Cucumber Canoes, summer memories and books.

Something came up last week at a meeting, that nobody else had heard of, I must have had a strange childhood.

A friend said that she must have missed a cucumber when she was picking them from her garden the other day because you found a really really big, one.
I said when I was a kid; we used to take those, cut them in half lengthwise, and hollow them out and float them in the tub, as canoes, for toys.

Nobody else had heard of that, they thought it was one of the funniest things they had ever heard.

Then my brain started to do a free association thing and I came started thinking about

-playing in the yard and making houses in the corn crib, or under the picnic table.

-homemade pies, sprinkling sugar on the dough trimmings and baking it. Yum.

-It also makes me think of picking and cleaning peas, green beans, strawberries pitting cherries, and cutting corn of the cob -Yuck.

But- Eating fresh jam and jelly Yum.

-going barefoot all summer and being able to walk in the gravel without it hurting by July.

I was a kid that loved to read, so when my mom said go outdoors and get some fresh air, I went, but I took the book with me. We didn’t have a summer reading program, but I didn’t need one. I read all the time.

JDL has lots of books to help you pass the time in summer. You could try :

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OK, your turn what does that make you remember? Sign in and make a comment.