Tessa's Christian book review: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

    Normally I skim books on prophecy and the "end of the world." Well, the nonfiction ones, anyway.  I am pretty well-versed on these issues, and most nonfiction books are basic introductory knowledge and repetitive.  This one isn't.  Written as fiction, it is quite effective in the literary tool chosen.  It immediately reminded me of Tolkien's The Hobbit, in which Gandalf needs to take all the dwarves and Bilbo to Beorn's house for help, but he knows that Beorn won't want them.  So Gandalf cleverly goes ahead with just Bilbo, telling the others to wait for his whistle before coming, slowly, in pairs. Meanwhile, he has started telling their story to Beorn, and he gets Beorn avidly listening. At the appropriate moment, Gandalf admits there are more than just two of them, at which he whistles and continues with their adventures. Beorn gets more intrigued, paying little attention to the dwarves, until finally all 15 have arrived. A similar tool is used here, in which the main character, Nouriel, is trying to interest a media anchorwoman in his story.  He begins and, by that night, she is just as enthralled.  She clears her calendar, sends everyone home, and stays late to hear him out.
    Nouriel's story is of a clay seal sent to him in the mail, no sender, no clues.  Then he meets a man, seated on the bench Nouriel chose, who recognizes the seal and begins to tell him about it, eventually giving him a different seal in exchange for the first one.  Nouriel realizes it is no coincidence he picked this bench, that someone placed them together. Through many amazing meetings, the prophet reveals what the seals mean, uncovering a series of warnings for the USA that have been drawn from Old Testament passages.  Cahn makes an excellent case in this book, backing up the warnings with actual events that seem impossible, but are backed up by footnotes from extremely reliable sources. Even the White House. This extremely well-done book is highly recommended to anyone interested in Christian prophecy and America's place in the world. ~ Tessa Eger   5 out of 5 stars