Tessa's book review: Pure Michigan: Eating fresh and local in the Great Lakes State

    Eye treats abound in this scrumptious little book. Pure Michigan: Eating fresh and local in the Great Lakes State is a book to guide you as you plan your next vacation. Or the perfect gift for the relative you keep asking to visit. Filled with glorious lakescapes, landscapes, sunsets and sunrises, the book also shines light on the delectable food and restaurants around this great state.
    The restaurants featured are generous enough to share their best recipes with us, but I for one want to visit them and try the authentic ingredients with the chef's special touch.The many recipes are accompanied by sumptuous photos and stories of the people and places. And if you get done and want to revisit a certain area, the book has a location index in the back! Or if you are craving one of the gourmet dishes featured, there is a recipe index, too.
    Divided into three sections, the first section is Pure Innovation and features many outstanding restaurants in the big cities as well as Cadillac, Chelsea, and more. The recipe I want to try in this section is the Walleye with slow-cooked fennel. The next section of the book is Pure Inspiration and covers many local food markets and wineries. Naturally, cherries and are given pride of place, but pasties and fish and ice cream make their appearance (not together). Thanks to U.S. 12, Brooklyn gets some well-deserved attention, in this section on Irish Hills and Antiques Alley. The wines at Jackson's Lone Oak Vineyard Estate and Sandhill Crane Vineyards get good reviews!
    The third and final section, Pure Tradition, includes Frankenmuth and Holland, along with U.S. 12 again: areas with historical attractions. Of course Mackinac Island is not missed, with a cocoa fudge recipe and latte-cocoa and cherry-cocoa variations. I found some new places to try around the Tawas and Grayling areas! Of course, the final article is a recipe for, what else, pasties. The one criticism I have is no product list in the back, but that may encourage a second edition with added savory attractions! Yum! ~ Tessa Eger   5 out of 5 stars