Post the Most Contest!

Post the most on our forums/leave comments and win...
Panera Bread Gift Card & 1 Free Movie Rental @ JDL

Getting Started:
  1. Read these Rules
  2. Make sure you have a valid email address in "My Account" section on website (to be notified if your the winner).
  3. Use only ONE ID, different ID names used by the same person will not be combined and will count as seperate entries.
  4. Posts must either start a new discussion or reply to an old one.
  5. Posts must contain a message and can not be ; 1) blank, 2) only images, 3) less than 3 words.
  6. Only posts made between September 11th, 12am EST and end October 11th, 12am EST will be counted.
  7. Post to a forum, comments and forum topics are all worth 5 points per post.
  8. JDL staff members not eligible.

How to Win:

  1. Post.
  2. Reply to posts.
  3. Post some more.
  4. Post again!


mickeyfan's picture

First to post!

Mickey Rocks!

Mickey Rocks!

I could have swore

that I had already replied to this topic, but now I don't see my post here.  Maybe because my post before was questioning when this contest ended.  I see now that it DOES have an ending date.  Good to know.  Thank you.

Ahh!!! I figured it out

I posted under the "Yeah A Contest" thread and not this one.  Silly me!  I blame my kids--they ate my brains.  LOL

Quick question....

Are winners from previous months elgible? 


Me likey da Panera ya know!!!


Is no one even TRYING except for me?  This library forum has such great potential to be such a boon to the community, but only if it gets USED!  *sigh*  Silly Jackson area.

So, did I win again?

Did I?  Did I?  Huh?  Huh?

Me likey da Panera!!!!


You be the winner littleacorn with 125 points!

Thank you for using the JDL website. I wish more people would post! I will deliver your prizes to your branch by early next week.