Audiobook review: Dog on it: a Chet & Bernie mystery by Spencer Quinn

    Jacket cover: Dog on itA funny!  I was delighted  to discover that the book Dog on it by Spencer Quinn was a hoot.  Not expecting anything beyond a cozy PI book, Dog on it turned out to be one of the better reads this year. This series is told by Chet the Jet, an almost K9 trained mutt. The first in the series, Dog on it has it all--car chase, dognapping, wilderness adventure complete with mountain lion and a cave in, car rides, and TREATS! Chet is a fun dog, too, with a great job and a great life--just ask him.
    Chet is Bernie Little's dog, of the Little Detective Agency of "The Valley" in some unnamed western state. Bernie is divorced and misses his son, Charlie, who only visits every other weekend. Chet goes with Bernie everywhere, including into the home and bedroom of a missing teenager, Madison. Along the way Chet discovers a lone potato chip (Ruffles--his favorite!) and a hidden bag of marijuana.
    Bernie is a great partner to Chet--no leash, lots of treats, even the occasional steak, donut, or bbq dinner. Chet returns the favor by trailing criminals and attacking on command (and sometimes when no one is planning it, even himself).  Fortunately, his attacks are trained to take down and subdue, not injure.  Good thing the perps don't know that. They make an intimidating team.
    When Cynthia Chambliss hires Bernie to find her missing 15-year-old daughter Madison, Chet is immediately suspicious of Madison's "developer dad," who smells strongly of cat.  That can't be good. When the dad fires them without the ex-wife Cynthia's approval, Bernie gets his back up and won't back down. Especially after he sees the development the dad is building--golf course, fountains, grass lawns.  All the things that Bernie detests in this water-gulping desert community. Plenty of people to dislike and to love, lots of doggy delight and distraction. (Wait! Was that a coyote?) Don't miss this fun entertainment. ~ Tessa Eger   4 out of 5 stars


Chet and Bernie

I totally agree with Tessa. Read the entire series,  you will have a great time.


Diana Hill

This is a fantastic review

This is a fantastic review and synopsis and I hope to be like many others who will have the opportunity to read the entire series as well. Thank you for your total honesty about this book.

Reviews of books are so helpful in determining what we want to read to enjoy the games and what we may want to pass up and this was very well-written.

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Thanks, Alexis!  You can join

Thanks, Alexis!  You can join the Chet the Jet blog on FaceBook, too, if you want...



What a great shot! Would you

What a great shot! Would you also be able to train the k9 to take the handwheel? Just wondering. LOL

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Not me!  I manage to keep

Not me!  I manage to keep them off the furniture, that's about it...