Mystery Lovers Alert!

What a great time to be a mystery reader!  We are holding a Mini-Mystery Convention on January 23, at 6:00.  Several library staffers will discuss their favorite mysteries and we'll have food like Dead Men's Fingers, Death by Chocolate Cake and Bloody Punch!

Also, the Jane Austen Book club is reading Margaret Maron this year.  She's a North Carolina native whose first novel, "Bootlegger's Daughter" won every major mystery award for best first novel.  That book was the first to feature Deborah Knott, whose colorful Daddy was a bootlegger.  Deborah is an attorney who decides to take a stand against "mean-minded judicial pettiness" and take on the Old Boy's Club by running for a retiring judge's seat.  In the midst of electioneering, she is asked to look into a 18 yr. old murder.  In January, we also discussed her second Deborah Knott novel, "Southern Discomfort."

We will be reading all her books this year, trying to read two a month because they are fast reads, especially compared to our last author, Diana Gabaldon.  So for  February we are going to read "Shooting At Loons" and "Up Jumps the Devil."  Her books explore her extensive family and often take place in different parts of North Carolina as Judge Knott is asked to fill in other jurisdictions.  They are very enjoyable - not quite a cozy, but not thrillers either.  They are deeply rooted in place and populated with interesting characters.  Join us on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Carnegie Building, 244 W. Michigan.  We are actively looking for new members so don't be shy.


I bet this is going to be a

I bet this is going to be a great year for this book club. It sounds like all these books are going to be worth reading and worth getting involved in. Thank you for sharing this information.

This book club is getting ready to read a complete series of books with these new rules and those who are interested can get all the information they want.

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Join us!

We meet on Feb. 13 in the MacIntyre Room in the Carnegie building, 244 W. Michigan Ave. from 6:00 pm till 9:00 pm.  We'd love to have you!