Book review: Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury

    Some of the best reading of childhood comes from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, Little Men and the following books. I fondly remember these books, which I frequently re-read as a child.  The movies were so pleasant, too!  If you haven't watched them with your little ones, they might be good ones for the holiday vacation. But imagine my pleasant surprise when, on searching for a good Christmas recommendation, I found Louisa May Alcott had a whole Christmas Treasury!  This complete collection features 19 stories, including one taken from Little WomenJacket cover: Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury
   Even greater was my astonishment in finding one story titled Tessa's Surprises!  And all these years I thought my parents were brilliant in inventing my name as a more modern version of my grandmother's name, Tessie. Well, they were brilliant, actually, in finding me such a unique name. Anyway, the story is a sweet little tale of poor Italian immigrant children working as buskers and being showered with attention and love by a more fortunate New York family.
   For something short, read the poem What Polly found in her stocking to know the wealth of gifts there in her stocking--typical items for most children in the 19th century. There are several short poems or songs that would be fun to share at the Christmas table before everyone goes their separate ways.
   Those souls craving something of a romantic nature should read Mrs. Podgers' teapot, as the "old" boarder (he's all of 50) gives in to his long-hidden love for the widow Mrs. Podger and proposes. Even as a child I loved the story of Jo and her old professor--this story is equally enchanting. On Christmas morning, "I could describe how there were two boys...that morning; how the old boy revelled in the treasures of his stocking as heartily as the young one." Let's remember that, and revel in each of our small treasures this holiday. We have so many, even if we've none to unwrap: we still have warmth and shelter, freedom, safe water, education, and a multitude and variety of houses of worship in which to gather. Have a wonderful holiday! ~ Tessa