Thriller review: You're next by Greg Hurwitz

     While reading this weekend, I actually found myself holding my breath. The challenge I've set myself recently is to try new authors, and one of the first I selected is best-selling thriller author Greg Hurwitz.  His newest publication is You're next,and the title might tell you just how intense the tension and terror are throughout. Michael Wingate was abandoned at age 4, grew up in a foster home, always looking for his dad to come back. Despite his hard times in the foster home, he built a great life for himself: a contractor's career, a wife he cherishes, and a precocious young eight-year-old daughter he adores.
   After his photo makes the paper for a green housing development project, Michael is alarmed by whispers on the house monitor, cars following him, a missing stuffed polar bear, and, finally, a provoking and hostile parking lot encounter with two strangers, after the green project's awards ceremony.  Once the police take his complaint, they begin to interrogate him as if he is a suspect in some crime. The private investigator Mike had hired to find his family is tasked with finding out why.
   Interspersed with flashbacks, the tension twists tighter and tighter as the harassment escalates. Someone has been in his desk, in his office.  Then Annabel texts him an odd question.  He realizes they have stolen her cell, trying to get into his safety deposit box. Feeling them breathing down his neck, he empties the box and burns the contents.
  Some chapters are from the viewpoint of the guys stalking him.  We hear them talk to the Boss Man, hear the orders--but we don't know why. We see the murders, the torture, but we don't know why then either. Slowly, slowly, we learn more.
  The twists and turns are fast in coming, but the entire story falls together and makes sense once we know the reasons why.  Hurwitz does an amazing job of keeping us in the dark while eeking out the clues and moving the story along. This is a thriller which could serve as the model for all thrillers. ~ Tessa Eger    4.5 out of 5 stars