Cookbook review: Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook

    I made a pretty basic mistake with Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook--I started looking it over right around lunchtime. By the time my coworker got back from his lunch break, I was seriously wanting to gnaw the book. It looks that good. As you read through this luscious volume, don't count calories, but consider these recipes for special occasions, or anytime.  There are a half dozen I want to try this weekend!
    One meal that caught my eye was pan-roasted venison with a Concord grape sauce--sounds like just the thing for venison tenderloin! There follows a recipe for grilled venison chops with blackberry-sage brown butter. Delish! Many of the dishes are based in French originals, such as the smoked red pepper mayo offered as a dip for the fries and suggested with the tremendously popular French dish of steamed mussels, here partnered with a green chile broth. Another meal I confess to craving is the Philadelphia-style strip steak, with a provolone sauce and caramelized onions.
    If your family is one which has sweet potatoes with Christmas dinner, you might want to try the self-described decadent sweet potato gratin.  Calling for heavy cream and a few spices, it is easy but aromatic--a sure winner! There is also a cauliflower and goat cheese gratin variation. One side I can't wait to sample is roasted asparagus with a green peppercorn vinaigrette. And maybe the brussels sprouts--they're roasted, then coated with pomegranate molasses, hazelnuts, and orange & lime zest. Alternatively, toss them with a vanilla pecan butter. There are quite a few southern-style recipes, such as baked beans, corn bread sticks, cole slaw, biscuits and gravy, and (lobster) potato salad, all with a Bobby Flay twist. At the end, he includes the techniques, equipment, and supplies necessary for the cuisine. 
    Organized in the usual way, with chapters for cocktails, soups and salads, sandwiches, appetizers, and so on, this great collection features tons of recipes, both simple and complicated, but all mouth-watering! There is so much more in this lovely book! Highly recommended. ~ Tessa Eger 


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BTW, I learned some things

BTW, I learned some things from this book...For instance, I'm not a drinker nor am I a Brit, so I had always wondered what a Pimm's Cup was when I read about it.  Well, this book will tell you!  But I won't--you'll have toread the book.  Didn't know that cookbooks could have spoilers, did you?