DVD review: Red

Malkovich and Freeman doing their comic geniusOne of the funnier comedies I have seen is the 2010 movie Red. Any Baby Boomer is going to enjoy Ernest Borgnine's character in the vault, Richard Dreyfuss as a bad guy, and John Malkovich cowering in his Cold War-era hideout.
    Bruce Willis stars as a former CIA agent, Frank Moses, who is stalked by a team of assassins. Realizing his phone conversations with a woman in the pension department have endangered her, he kidnaps her, then tries to explain. He pulls in his old team, which includes Malkovich playing a former black-ops agent gone quite paranoid. Mirren also is former CIA, a specialist in wet work.  Morgan Freeman is another member of their team, and Willis finds him living in a nursing home. Glad to come out of retirement, they join Willis in a cross-country road trip filled with spoofy silliness.
    Along the way, they enlist a former Russian KGB officer, played by Brian Cox.  Karl Urban gets to play the young wet-behind-the-ears CIA agent who has Moses' old job. Some people have criticized this film's plot. Well, I say, shame on you! This is a hoot, not a serious spy thriller. ~ Tessa Eger            3.5 out of 5 stars

Rated PG13 for action and "brief strong language"


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Laugh Out loud!

Loved this - especially the elegant Helen Mirren and her Big Gun!