Comedy DVD Review - Paul

Paul is the name of the latest movie by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - the comedic dead-pan team of Brits who brought you Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  Those were two hilarious movies that spoofed Zombie movies and buddy-cop films.  If you haven't seen them, run, don't walk, to rent them.  In Paul, Pegg and Frost play fanboys, Graeme and Clive, who attend ComicCon in Las Vegas and decide to rent an RV and go on a road trip visiting all the sci-fi and UFO hot spots in the American Southwest.  Imagine their shock, when a speeding car passes them and crashes in a fiery explosion. Out of the crash appears a real alien named Paul.  Their efforts to take Paul to the spot where the Mothership will pick him up are constantly impeded by mysterious Men in Black who answer to the Big Guy.  Along the way they encounter friends and foes played by Jane Lynch, Kristen Wiig, Jason Batemen, Jeffrey Tambor, Blythe Danner and Bill Hader and an iconic female sci-fi star I won't name so it will be a surprise.   Paul is voiced by Seth Rogen whose slacker inflections and attitude portray the jokester Paul perfectly.  The animation is fantastic and you will find yourself becoming fond of the little green man.  There are tons of sci-fi in-jokes laced through the show and I had to watch it twice to try and catch them all.

This film is rated R for language and some sex and drug references.  I thought it was laugh out loud funny and really enjoyed the homages to my favorite Sci-Fi films.  I may have to add this to my personal collection for whenever I need a totally fun, silly, yet affectionate movie.   I give it an 8 out of 10.