Action/Comedy DVD review: The A-team (2010)

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    If you haven't seen the remake of A-team, I encourage you to check that one out. This movie takes the old series and does it even better.  All the characters are great--and they make a great team.  There are multiple laugh-out-loud lines and gags along with a mostly good plot. Breaking the team out of prison is the most fun--getting Murdock out of his mental health facility is hilarious.  However, the movie really messes up the slam-bang finish.  That goes beyond believability and sanity and throws them over the edge into stupidity. 

    But even so, there is a nice tying up after that, and I am hoping they will do another one.  It isn't often that action, laughs and lots of great actors come together in one movie, but this one did it.  I think I might even buy this one.  But if you aren't sure, check it out of the library!  ~ Tessa Eger   4 out of 5 stars for laughs   

Rated PG13 for language, action, violence and smoking