Audiobook Review: Nightwoods by Charles Frazier

I just finished the perfect read for these cool autumn nights: Nightwoods by Charles Frazier.  When Luce, a reclusive caretaker of a dilapidated Appalachian lodge inherits her sister’s twins after the murder of their mother, she is totally unprepared for the challenge.  After witnessing their mother’s murder they refuse to speak and have a penchant for violence and starting fires.  Luce, haunted by her own shadows,  must feel her way through a relationship with these two damaged souls, surrounded by a countryside that is both beautiful and menacing. She begins to make progress until their murderous step-father, Bud, comes looking for the only two witnesses to his crime.  The children flee into the mountains, with Bud in hot pursuit. Frazier does a wonderful job at lyrically developing both setting and characters, before he launches the plot into high suspense.  Narrator Will Patton reads each of the characters with distinct nuance.  Don’t miss this great new literary thriller from the author of Cold Mountain. This title is  available in standard CD, Playaway, regular and large print.