Book Review - the Jane Whitefield Series by Thomas Perry

Those of you who read my blogs know I rarely read one book by an author.  Rather, I look for series with interesting characters who develop over time.  That describes the Jane Whitefield series very well.  Thomas Perry is an accomplished author with many awards for his thriller and suspense books, but my favorites are the Whitefield books.  Jane Whitefield is part Native American, (full-blooded Seneca until her iron-working father met and married her mother) living in upstate New York.  She helps people vanish, people who are being pursued by evil and can't get the law to protect them.  She takes them far away, coaches them how to live a different life and be a different person so they don't come to the attention of the people who are looking for them.  She is incredibly skilled at manufacturing new identities for people but curiously, she doesn't take any reward from them.  She just tells them that after a year or so, when they are starting to feel comfortable, they can send her a present.  Since many of her clients are fleeing the mob or abusive marriages with large amounts of cash, she does alright.  She's an expert in tracking and uses her the skills of her heritage both in the woods and in the big cities.  She's quite handy with disguises and some of the best scenes are of Jane leading the bad guys astray.  Not all her clients are on the side of the angels, but Jane is.

The books in order - and I highly recommend that you read them that way are: VANISHING ACT, DANCE FOR THE DEAD, SHADOW WOMAN, THE FACE-CHANGERS, BLOOD MONEY, RUNNER, and POISON FLOWER coming out next March.  It was nine years between BLOOD MONEY and RUNNER so I'm really glad to see a new one announced.

Perry's other books are all compelling - his first novel, the BUTCHER'S BOY, was an Edgar Award winner for best first novel.  I've read them all and like them to various degrees, but the Whitefield series is still my favorite.  Try VANISHING ACT, you may agree!


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I concur!

I love these, too!  Thanks to Jane, I tried them and enjoyed them alot.