Staff Picks for Favorite Children's Books, Part Two: Younger and Later

    For this column, part two of the staff picks, I sent out a message to JDL staff, asking about their favorite children's chapter books.  I was delighted to receive so many replies! This column morphed into two installments, one from the older generation and one from the younger--with some others mixed in and around. This week, it's time for youth--and some new stories.
    Kate Burns of the Parma branch recommends The wonderful flight to the mushroom planet, an early science fiction book by Eleanor Cameron which has a whole series. Mandy Stevens over at Carnegie loves Madeleine L'Engle's A wrinkle in time series. L'Engle's time travel books are good transition items, taking tweens into teen books. Chris Sadler out in Hanover really likes Clive Barker's horror story A thief of always.  Erica Grimm of Brooklyn,on the other hand, has always loved The little house on the prairie books and shows. A more recent series, Hank the cowdog, is recommended, especially the hysterical audios, by an animal lover.
    In Spring Arbor, Diana Hill remembers her favorite Five Little Peppers series, a classic which has recently been converted to audiodisc. Grass Lake's Sue Weible still loves Holling Clancy Holling's Paddle to the sea, an award winner by a Jackson author who traces a young Indian boy's toy canoe on its adventures from Lake Michigan to the Atlantic.  A great trip that a family could follow on vacation!

Jacket Cover: Paddle-to-the-sea
    Finally, a brand new favorite from Maureen Graham at the Meijer branch is The mysterious howling, first book in a new series called The incorrigible children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood. I can't wait to read this one myself.  These incorrigible children were lost in the forests of Ashton Place and only recently found and returned to human surroundings! They nip and bite and chase squirrels, just like many of us pretended to do when small, only they are really serious. You'll find something for everyone in this mix! ~Tessa Eger