DVD review: Cowboys & aliens

    Disappointed!  That sums it up--I had such high expectations for the comic and ironic possibilities of Cowboys & Aliens and its stars!  Don't rush off and say I panned it--the movie is well done, and the acting is good, including Geoffrey Rush as a drunk (this guy always surprises me). Graphics aren't bad.  No, the real problem is that a movie called Cowboys & aliens takes itself too, too seriously!  I mean, really--the title alone is silly, there should be some silliness in the content, too!  Would it have been so bad to have Harrison Ford repeat his Star Wars' line, "I don't care what you smell!"  to one of the cowboys before entering the alien craft?  Wouldn't it have been more fun for Daniel Craig to say of Olivia Wilde coming nude out of a roaring fire, "Well, there's something you don't see every day?"  Instead it was just awwwwwwwkward. So many poignant moments made merely mundane. What a sad epitaph.~Tessa                 3 out of 5 stars


Cowboys and Aliens

I would like to say that I think Cowboys and Aliens was a movie worth watching!

While not completely believable you have to give them credit for trying something new!!! I have spent many of my weekend afternoons sitting through movies that I have already seen done a thousand times! GREAT ACTING, Good plot, High Quality special effects, and LOTS of action.

While Cowboys and Aliens may not remain popular for longer than it might take you to drive to your local library to rent, it is still something worth watching.

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BTW, as people keep pointing

BTW, as people keep pointing out, this movie is still in the theaters.  The DVD release date has not been announced either. Eventually, though, it will be a DVD. Just sayin.