Bird Lovers' Book Review: The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds by Richard Crossley

  Book Jacket The new Crossley ID Guide by Richard Crossley is a unique new bird guide.  This book uses new digital photography techniques to create a montage for each bird species. The attractive display shows the environment--forest, marsh, fields, etc., while showing the bird closeup, flying, side view while perched, upperside and underside while flying as well as side and silhouettes.  Juveniles, morph varieties as well as sexual dimorphism are all portrayed.  The standard informational paragraphs and range maps are also included, although they are not quite as clearly laid out nor extensive as the other field guides. This would make a great complementary book to have as an additional tool, not the sole guide.  Not recommended as a first or beginner's guide,  but highly recommended as a beautiful and helpful tool for anyone.

4 out of 5 stars