Book Review: Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares


     When I heard that there was a new novel in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, I was excited to reacquaint myself with the four friends that I've grown to love. I was not disappointed! The friendship that these girls share is beautifully written and often moved me to tears. Again, Sisterhood Everlasting did not disappoint and had me crying within the first 100 pages of the book. When I read the first four books in the series I was the same age as the main characters. In this novel, Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bridget  are a few years older than me now, yet I still connect with each of the characters. These characters are as ageless as their friendship and I think many people will connect with these women. When the series began the girls were in their early teens and while they were once inseperable, they now had to spend the summers apart.  They shared a pair of magical pants that made the distance between each other feel like less of a burden. Now almost reaching 30, the girls live at opposite ends of the globe and feel disconnected.  To remedy this, Tibby suggests a reunion in Greece, at Lena's grandparents home, where the girls have reunited previously in the series. Characters such as Eric, Kostos, and Effie also make appearances throughout the novel. The characters are put through the wringer dealing with love, loss, and even a little mystery. We are along for the journey that each of the girls takes in dealing with her own emotions and we see the growth that comes from their struggle.

     Brashares debuted with the Sisterhood series and this novel is the first of the five that has been received as adult fiction rather than young adult fiction. I noted that it was a bit racier than the rest of the series and you may want to preview it before giving it to a young reader. The novel can sometimes be a bit predictable but it didn't take away from the fast-paced, loveable story.

     Sisterhood Everlasting was a quick read that left me wanting more. But Brashares also left this novel with a satisfying ending where each of the girls grew from a young adult lost in the world to a woman that knows what she wants for her future. This book could be read as a stand alone, without the previous back-story from the rest of the series. Yet I am sure once you read Sisterhood Everlasting, you'll be hooked and want to learn more about the girls starting with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.




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I loved this!

Great review Erin!  I read the Sisterhood series as an adult and was excited to see the story continue.  It was heart-wrenching but ultimately satisfying.

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I agree, with both of you,  I

I agree, with both of you,  I read this series, as an adult but I really enjoyed it.   I read this newest book, and really enjoyed it also.  It was not quite what I had expected, but very good. 

As some of you may know rate a book by how much I liked the characters and if I think I could be friends with them.  Although the characters here are much younger than I,  I think I would enjoy watching them mature and succeed in whatever they choose to do.


Nice review Erin.